Site specific art

'one place to another'

Cley Contemporary19 'Borderlines' & Art Walk Porty Festival 2019 'LandMark'
Funded by Hope Scott Trust

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Pairing up two coastlines: Cley Nature Reserve & Beach, Norfolk; with Portobello Edinburgh, this 30-minute soundwalk invites the audience to take a 30 minute walk along the sea line in each location whilst listening to Rosy's narrated audio and evolving soundscape.



Site specific art

View and download PDF of 16 page booklet - here.

Collected sounds, words and murmurs unfold as you make your own journey; whilst listening to the artist's journey between scotland and north norfolk, and that of another crossing lines and lands.

"the territorial area of the land one is leaving ends 12 miles out to sea, where it opens out into international waters, measured from the median line half way between high and low tide"

"where does the incomer
arriving by sea
         the start of a new land"