Site specific art

'luggie lane'
Strathkelvin railway path, Lenzie Glasgow, june  2017

installation | community engagement

The origins of 'Lane' come from a meadow, or swampy plain. 'Ling' is the old Scots for the common heather and also a prefix for bog-grass. 'Lug' is applied to a root vegetable with too much leaf or stem, due to being ultivated on land too rich. 'Luggie' is referred to ground which produces such crops.

Lenzie Moss is a local nature reserve in Lenzie, a boggy, marshy area that has survived not being built on. The reserve comprises lowland raised bogs, which were extensively exploited through peat cutting creating rich soil.

This project is part of an art engagement project 'Inside Lane' working with the community of Lenzie relating to sustainable travel and the redesign of public areas produced by Art Walk Projects in association with Sustrans Scotland & East Dunbartonshire Council.