Rosy Naylor is an artist and curator with an interest in site specificity, ephemerality and lost space.

Her painting explores ideas of surface and mark making. Inspired by the transcient nature of the sea's edge, and of tide marks, she is currently working on a series of 'sand mapping' and 'sea road' works.

Rosy's site specific work engages with a specific environment, context or situation, setting up a dialogue around the inhabiting of public space, predominantly that of edgelands and coastal landscape, and often anonymous.


Rosy studied MFA Glasgow of Art from 1996-98
with exchange to Maumaus School of Fine Art, Lisboa where she studied conceptual and site specific art
and at University of Brighton 1990-93 Visual Art & Performance (music)

She lives and works in Portobello Edinburgh as an artist and designer.
She is also founder and curator of Art Walk Porty, set up in 2015, see projects page for more info.

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